• Christopher G. Moore

Minor Wives and Running Dog Capitalists

The Los Angeles Times ran a lengthy article about the prosecution of mainland Chinese officials who are throwing themselves on the mercy of the local People’s Court, explaining that the corruption was necessary to support not one minor wife but up to seven minor wives. Having a minor wife is a status symbol for Chinese officials. Though like owning a yacht the maintenance cost can exceed the official salary by light years. Mistresses give a “big” face but that comes at a high price. Mao was supposed to have rid China of this feudalistic tradition but overturning a 2,000 year old tradition of concubines has proved more difficult than re-pegging the local currency against the US dollar. In Hong Kong it is not uncommon for a businessman to keep a mistress over the border in China. The divorce rate is up in Hong Kong and China and minor wives are taking the rap.

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