• Christopher G. Moore

Man Bites Dog or Client acquitted, his Lawyer goes to Jail

Here is an idea for a book: When a Lawyer Needs A Lawyer

The local newspapers reported that Chuwit Ramovisit and 129 associates had been acquitted in the 2003 demolition of 135 retail shops on Soi 10, Sukhumvit Road. At the time, observers reported that Sukhumvit had been closed off by a large group of men. They seemed to be well organized and in the early hours of the morning on January 26, 2003 bulldozed the six-rai area. The shop owners pulled out the odd TV and other items from the debris. But basically they lost everything.

All of the accused pleaded not guilty. Fair enough. The court found Mr. Chuwit’s lawyer guilty and sentenced him to eight months in jail.

It seemed someone had to serve some time for the massive wreckage.

An ending worth of Shakespeare

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