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Literary New York

Last November I was in New York to attend the National Book Foundation Awards as a guest of legendary publisher Barney Rossett. I have posted on YouTube a couple of short videos.

One video was taken at the table headed by Barney on the night of the awards. It ends with a toast to Barney. The second video has Barney talking about his life as we sat in his loft off Union Square in lower Manhattan. The founder of Grove Press, Barney Rossett has had a distinguished and often controversial career. His love of the outsider’s voice and point of view allowed American readers to widen and deepen their knowledge of the outliers world. Without Barney Rossett and Grove Press, the world would be grayer, less interesting and textured.

The last video reminds me why I miss New York. The musicians who entertain subway passengers on their way to the trains have a tough crowd to please. This entertainer had passion that attracted a lot of onlookers. People are attracted to creative artist, especially those who put their body and soul into their art. There is a lesson for novelist in watching this musician. He brings the music alive and he gather around him those people who are usually in a rush from one place to the next. He made them notice, pause and listen.

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