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John Burdett Profile

The IHT ran a profile on John Burdett: John Burdett: Detective writer at work in a seedy Bangkok district

Burdett is the author of best selling Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo, and Bangkok Haunts.

Burdett says that the 4th novel in the series will be the last.

On the scope of his research behind his books, the IHT says:

“Burdett, a 56-year-old former lawyer, has spent the past seven years chatting up hundreds of bar girls - research! - as inspiration for his critically acclaimed trilogy, soon to be quartet, of gripping detective thrillers set in Bangkok's netherworld.”

“As part of his research, he has traveled to the stilt houses in northeast Thailand, a Lao-speaking region known as Isaan and the home turf of most of Bangkok's bar girls.”

On the insight Burdett’s books provide into Thai culture, the IHT says:

“Yet Burdett's writing is also keenly anthropological, decorated with wry observations that carry a ring of truth to those who live in Thailand.”

Burdett divides his time between Bangkok and France.

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