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Istanbul: The Pera Palas Hotel

On 20th September, I was at the bar of the Pera Palas Hotel. The Turkish newspaper ran photos of the recent events happening on the 19th of September when normal broadcasting was interrupted and tanks appeared on the streets of Bangkok.

The Pera Palas Hotel is one of those 1,000 places to visit before you die. Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Oriental Express (1934) in Room 401 of the hotel. The Pera Palas Hotel legend has it that she hid a key in the room, and no one has figured out the mystery of either her motive for hiding the key or what door or box the key would open.

I was in Istanbul to meet with my literary agent and publisher. The Turkish edition of Gambling on Magic is selling well, and the publisher will be translating two additional books into Turkish for 2007. I am looking forward to repeat visit to promote the new books in September 2007.

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