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The Library Journal has a good article about the foreign (read non-American) crime fiction, noir and paranormal fiction.

“Americans are often accused of being a provincial bunch, but consider the xenophobic firestorm that broke out in Britain last fall when the Crime Writers Association (CWA) announced its 2005 nominations for the prestigious Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel. Four of the six finalists were European crime novels in translation, and the winner was Icelandic author Arnaldur Indridason's Silence of the Grave (to be published this fall in the United States by St. Martin's Minotaur).”

What foreign writers are creating heat?

“Other countries coming on strong as sources of exciting new crime writing or as mystery settings include Russia (Boris Akunin's The Death of Achilles, LJ 3/1/06), South Africa (Deon Meyer's Dead Before Dying, Little, Brown, May), and Turkey. Italy also remains hot. In addition to such popular English-language authors as Donna Leon, Magdalen Nabb, and Michael Dibdin, a new crop of Italian crime writers is attracting U.S. publishers. Next February, Harcourt plans to release Giulio Leoni's The Mosaic Crime, an antiquarian thriller with a detective protagonist who happens to be the poet Dante Alighieri.”

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