• Christopher G. Moore

In the Shade of A Quiet Killing Place

I’d like to recommend this illustrated memoir by Sam Sotha. On April 17, 1975 Sam Sotha and his wife Sony, along with thousands of others, were forced by the Khmer Rouge to leave Phnom Penh. Shot, tortured, starved was the fate of many Cambodians during the Khmer Rouge years. Millions died. Sam Sotha’s diary and drawings record their four-year journey through the killing fields.

This highly moving personal story describes Sam's and Sony's ordeal and how during the course of their struggle, they found strength in their Christian faith.

As they crossed Cambodia from one prison camp to another, the spiritual bond strengthened between husband and wife. That bond guided Sam and Sony through the darkest moments, when it seemed only a miracle could save them from certain death.

The hand drawn illustrations from the days when Sam and his family were in a refugee camp along the Thai-Khmer border is worth the cost of the book.

Next Week I will fly to Phnom Penh for the launch of the book.

In the Shade of A Quiet Killing Place cost $19.95 plus shipping.

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