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In His Majesty’s Footsteps and Heart Talk Pre-Order

It is now possible to pre-order In His Majesty’s Footsteps by Pol. Gen. Vasit Dejunkorn and the third edition of Heart Talk

In His Majesty’s Footsteps will be released on 26 May 2006, and Heart Talk on 2 July 2006.

There are two editions of In His Majesty’s Footsteps: The trade paperback edition is US$17.95 and the special limited hardback edition is US$24.95. Shipping and handling is also added. The limited edition is only 500 copies. Only 175 copies remain unsold. If you want something special, the limited edition is certainly worth having.

Here’s a summary:

In His Majesty’s Footsteps offers an intimate, powerful portrait of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the Thai royal family.

This is the first personal chronicle in the English language detailing the life and work of the revered Thai monarch during the politically turbulent period of the late1960s and the 1970s.

The author, Police General Vasit Dejkunjorn, who served for 12 years as head of royal court security police, writes his first-hand account of how King Bhumibol faced the challenges of the time—relentless communist insurgencies, countless military coups and endless political turmoil.

The book vividly portrays what goes on inside the palace as these numerous events unfold. It gives an eyewitness account of the Thai history in the making through the interactions of the three pillars of the Thai nationhood: Nation, Religion and King.

In His Majesty’s Footsteps shows a rare insight into how the Thai king, the world’s longest reigning monarch, has played his role in providing unity and stability to his people and has earned his renown as the most revered king in the modern world.

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