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In His Majesty’s Footsteps

Peter Jenssen, Dpa Bureau Chief has filed this article A Rare Glimpse of the King about General Vasit Dejunkorn’s person memoir titled In His Majesty’s Footsteps.

“This year's political crisis, which witnessed mass street demonstrations calling on the king to appoint a new prime minister and government, has raised questions about the role of the monarchy in Thai politics, a sensitive topic about which public debate is often muted because of the country's tough lese majeste law.

Fortunately, for the English-reading public, a new book will be out next week that promises to shed some light on the unique role King Bhumibol has played, historically, in both developing rural Thailand and keeping the country democratic.

Originally written in Thai by Vasit Dejkunjorn and published in 1999, the English-translation of "In His Majesty's Footsteps: A Personal Memoir" should be available at Bangkok bookstores on May 22 with limited hardback editions available on the Heaven Lake Press website:

The author, Police General Vasit, 76, is no ordinary Thai cop. A Harvard University graduate, Vasit's varied career has included 12 years as the chief royal court officer, journalist, novelist, senator and deputy interior minister.”

I edited the book and can confirm it is an excellent insight view of the Thai monarchy. Out of the 500 copies of the limited numbered edition more than 300 hundred copies have already been sold. You can buy one by going to:

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