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How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life, And got yanked from bookstores

The publishers of “How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life” have recalled it like a car manufacturer recalling an SUV after finally admitting it might have a combination of badly designed and dangerous brakes, airbags, steering and stereo system.

The New York Times reports: “’Little, Brown today sent a notice to retail and wholesale accounts asking them to stop selling copies of the book and to return unsold inventory to the publisher for full credit,’ said Michael Pietsch, senior vice president and publisher of Little, Brown.”

The fall out is all over the place, including

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Good Job embarrassing the Asian Indian Community, April 27, 2006 Reviewer: Rashmi Arora "Rashmi" (Cherry Hill, N.J.) - See all my reviews

Thanks to you - we have another thing to be embarrassed about now. I am one of the many desis who is from a middle class family. My parents don't have the kind of money your parents do and I went to an average state college but I still have MORE CREDIBILITY THAN YOU!! I worked my way through college and did internships at investment firms and now hold a Senior position at a major brokerage. Being an Indian woman myself I am so ashamed at what you did, despite the financial and academic resources that you had access to, you are a CHEAT! Also just to let you know - I did read that you wanted to work on wall street after graduation. My employer along with any other brokerage house VALUES AND EXPECTS - HONESTY AND INTEGRITY more than anything else and you don't have either of those qualities. GOOD JOB YOU CHEAT!

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