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Honolulu Sala Thai Calvino Fan Club Meeting

On 12th March 2009 I will be at Sala Thai in Honolulu, Hawaii to sign books. I plan to bring along 10 copies of the latest Vincent Calvino novel, Paying Back Jack.

If you order a copy in advance, you will have it hand delivered and I’ll spring for a free Singha beer.

Pou, the owner of Sala Thai and her assistant, Breeze, will be assisting me at the signing. Who said Christmas only comes once a year? Why not bring a friend or two, stop in and say hello?

Breeze and Pou

Sala Thai is located at:

1333 Nu'uanu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96817 (808) 529-0308

I plan to be at Sala Thai from around 7.00 p.m. onward on 12th March 2009. There will be a coupon for a free Singha beer for the first 10 readers who have ordered a copy of Paying Back Jack, and another 10 coupons for a free Singha beer for anyone who has previously purchased a copy of Paying Back Jack, The Risk of Infidelity Index or Spirit House.

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