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Helping out Some Kids in Need

Every month someone will write or phone and ask for information about a worthy cause that could use money for something other than SUVs, cell phone, expensive dinners, etc. Like most people, I want to see money go to the people who need it as opposed to the people who administer it.

I received the call for help below from Volunteers of Children Development Foundations. They had a fire. 40 kids from the streets are taken care of by this NGO. Now a number of these kids have no place to live, and what meager possession they had went up in smoke.

If you are inclined to send along some funds, you can be sure it will be put to rebuilding the basic housing, buying clothes, mattresses, and blankets.

Call for help

In the Thai town of Chiang Saen, close to the Laotian and Burmese borders, the Volunteers for Children Development Foundation (VCDF) provides shelter and care for more than 40 children - some from Thailand and some from Myanmar - that have been rescued from the streets and their dangers: drugs, violence, prostitution etc. Thanks to the continuous efforts of Mrs. Nuchanad Boonkong, also known as Kru Nam, these children, boys and girls, can rebuild their lives, go to school and look more serenely toward the future. Some suffer from serious psychological traumas, some also from mental problems ; thanks to Kru Nam and other volunteers, the foundation is a place were they can live and laugh together, practise dance, games and other activities, in a word live the life every child deserves.

On October 16, 3 days ago, an electrical problem took place in one of the four bamboo huts where the boys are currently living in the countryside near the city. A fire started, and it was only a question of minutes before the hut was burnt to the ground. Unfortunately, it contained lots of things for the children. Not only the fridge, the gas stove, the washing machine, the rice cooker, the sewing machine, the lawn mowers, some musical instruments and other equipments have disappeared, but also the food and most importantly, the children’s clothes, shoes, mattresses and blankets. With the winter season approaching, this is a serious problem, since the cold can be bitter at night in the northern provinces of Thailand.

Kru Nam and her co-helpers therefore face a difficult situation, and are looking for help too face immediate needs – new clothes, mattresses and blankets. Would you like to do something, especially donate some money to buy new clothes and basic furniture for the boys’ centre; your help will of course be greatly appreciated.

Please contact:

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