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Heart Talk: The free T-shirt deal of the century

There is a new web site for Heart Talk: Heaven Lake Press (2006) 3rd edition 384 pages Trade paperback edition: $15.95 plus shipping

There is also a contest for a free Heart Talk T-shirt (model excluded).

If you buy a copy of Heart Talk:

Peace will come to the Middle East.

Free elections will be held in North Korea

Aung San Sui Kyi will be released from house arrest and become prime minister of Burma

Iran will give up aspiration for nuclear power

Christians, Jews and Muslims will embrace each other as brothers and sisters

Life expectancy for you and your family will soar

You will never worry or go without power, fame or fortune

O.J. Simpson will confess that he did it

Disclaimer: Should for some unexpected reason one or more of the above events does not occur:

Do not despair: Your personal reward will be to expand to the realm of a new universe your understanding about Thai language, culture and society. Think how proud this will make your mother.

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