• Christopher G. Moore

Heart Talk in your pocket

Everyone is looking for that slight advantage, an edge whether in business or romance. Language is the way we often gain an advantage. When you’re dealing in a foreign language such as Thai, getting that right word is the difference between a kiss and slap, or in business a deal or, well, slapdown.

So how about a secret language weapon? I’ve got one. You don’t need a license to carry or use it. And it can hit a target within shouting range and is rarely lethal. It is called Heart Talk. Isn’t that a book?

Yeah, it’s a book. But now it’s an ebook. An altogether different thing.

I thought you’d like to know you can download an ebook edition of Heart Talk. Price is cheap. No waiting and you can cruise around with the book loaded for use on your cell phone. For that emergency vocabulary needed with the police, the landlord, girlfriend or the street vendor.

Heart Talk is an essential language survival kit as you explore the Thai language, culture and people. It opens the door to the private realm of the Thai language—the linguistic heartscape where ideas take shape, feelings are formed, moods floated, and relationships started or mended when broken.

But you already knew that.

Now the technical stuff. A lot of which you probably already know. But a recap never hurts.

An ebook is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer, mobile phone, or an eBook reader. Being a new choice for book lovers, eBook is a technology that will make the idea of ‘carry my book everywhere’ possible. You can now forget about the weight of the book you want to take it with you. As heavy as your mobile phone, hundreads of books lay comfortably in your pocket.

Heart Talk eBook is a combination of 2 marvellous things mentioned above, an essential language survival kit to understand Thai and a new technology for book lovers. You’ve got the space on your cell phone, so why not download Heart Talk? The next time you are at a loss for words, pull out that cell phone and search for a ‘heart’ phrase to put your point across.

Heart Talk eBook is available at: Mobipocket Cyberread Scribd

Learn more about Heart Talk at

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