• Christopher G. Moore

HEART TALK 3rd Edition – Publication date: Summer 2006

I am finishing the third edition of Heart Talk. Here is the cover for the new edition and I'd appreciate feedback from readers. It isn't certain whether Heaven Lake Press will bring this latest edition out in paperback or hardback. I've had readers say they like the hardback format as this is a book that people keep in their library (or bedroom or bathroom) where it can be easily grabbed when appropriate jai phrase is required.

The new edition is a major rewrite and reorganization with over 200 new jai phrases. I've re-written most of the existing definitions, bringing in new material, new examples and culled various errors and mistakes in the second edition. Given the amount of time and energy needed to finish the 3rd edition, I could have written three new Calvino novels. Still there is satisfaction in returning to the world of jai words. In a small way, Heart Talk is one writer's effort to bring to a larger audience the meaning of expressions that are central to understanding the Thai language. Each time out, I seem to come closer to realizing shades of meaning and context that had been elusive.

The 3rd edition also has illustrations and a new chapter on jai proverbs.

Look for the 3rd edition of Heart Talk to be released in the Summer 2006.

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