• Christopher G. Moore

HBO Series: Big Love (the inside of polygamy)

At Slate, Daphne Merkin asks question about polygamy as the basis of an HBO series in Boy meets Girl, Then more Girls:

“The co-writers of Big Love—Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer*—have tried, in their own words, to be "nonjudgmental and humane" about the institution of polygamy, insisting that it is an "ideal template to look at marriage and family." Can they possibly mean this? …For me, the really disturbing aspect of the series is not that it soft-pedals the lifestyle's darker sides—its reliance on a constant supply of young women, its tolerance of incest and pedophilia under cover of God's law, its exiling of younger men who might compete with the older males of the community for wives. It's that the show's creators—who happen to be a gay couple—have written a series that wears its values on its sleeve, albeit unwittingly, and those values are, in a word, heterophobic.”

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