• Christopher G. Moore


I want to take this opportunity for thanking each of you for your support in 2007. It has been a fantastic year. A year filled with good memories. An incredible time at Samana Negra in Spain where the Spanish version of Zero Hour in Phnom Penh won the 2007 Premier Special Director Book Award.

The Spanish trip was followed by news from my agent that she had made a 4-book deal for novels in the Vincent Calvino series. The 4-books were purchased by Grove/Atlantic Press. The Risk of Infidelity Index =1-1 has been delivered to bookstores in the United States, England and the Commonwealth. Spirit House will follow in May 2008.

I am finishing a second draft of new Calvino for Grove/Atlantic. Calvino #10 is scheduled for release in December 2008. Atlantic Monthly Press will also publish a 4th novel from the Calvino backlist in May 2009. My agents in LA and Washington, D.C. have reached a movie option deal for the Calvino series. That should give a lift to the books. Though movie options are pretty common in Hollywood and the jump from an option to a made picture is like the climb from base camp to the top of K2. Many start up the mountain, but most don’t reach the top. But to get a chance you need to get to base camp.

Looking back at 2007, it has been a dream year. Along this twenty-year journey a number of people have consistently given me encouragement. For those of you who have been cheering for me, buying my books, spreading the word, I am grateful. To each of you, I extend a heartfelt thank you.

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