• Christopher G. Moore


A drawing was held in Bangkok on 19th February at 3.27 p.m. local time (a lucky number for those wishing to buy a lotto ticket) for the grand prize winner of the bookstore photo contest Authors are prone to wonder how well their books are distributed. From the response to the contest as well as from emails, there is no question that my publisher and their distributor have done an outstanding job in getting copies of THE RISK OF INFIDELITY INDEX to bookstores throughout the United States.

The winner of theSpecial Edition of A Killing Smile is Chris Coles.

Chris is a well-known artist of many paintings in the Bangkok Noir series.

Here’s the photo submitted by Chris Coles:

A special thanks to those of you who emailed photos from their local bookstore , which sold copies of The Risk of Infidelity Index.

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