• Christopher G. Moore

Gold Dagger in the Back

Over at Sarah Weinman’s blog is the latest installment of the pitched battle over whether to allow crime fiction authors in translation to compete for coveted crime fiction award (CWA Gold Dagger Award) in the UK. The point is made that the translator is the key component allowing a fast-paced mystery in the native language to be successfully rendered in the English language. Bob Cornwell has written an long article about this debate in England. “But the recently translated work by Dominique Manotti, Jean-Claude Izzo, Gianrico Carofiglio, Arnaldur Indridason, Tonino Benacquista, Karin Fossum, Hans Werner Kattenbach, Jörg Hauser and Rafael Reig, has added to my reading a whole new range of subject matter not to mention an unusual cultural framework or two. In fact, I grew curious about the whole process of translation and was intrigued enough to seek out and question some of the translators involved. The results can be found (in precis) in CrimeTime issue 44 and (unedited) at “ full article. It is interesting that in 2004 the number of crime novels published in UK amounted to 583 and only10% of that number came outside of the UK or North America.

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