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Matt Beynon Rees who writes the international award winning Omar Yussef series interviewed me recently. If you haven’t read The Collaborator of Bethlehem, you are missing an insiders view of the dynamics behind the internal violence inside of Palestine. He’s walked the streets and knows the people, their history, culture and language. And his books give you a dimension of the human face behind the news headlines. 

The Writing Life: Christopher G. Moore

Readers love to discover an author whose work suggests they’re a kindred spirit. Novelists, engaged in the often lonely work of writing, enjoy it even more. That’s how I feel about Christopher G. Moore, whose path is in many ways similar to mine (as you’ll see in this interview). Based in Bangkok, he’s the creator of one of the most striking sleuths in crime fiction: Vincent Calvino seems a distillation of all the most intriguing expats you’ll ever meet traveling the world and at the same time utterly unique. Moore's “Spirit House” is one of the most riveting crime novels I’ve read, and I’m delighted that he’s the first fiction writer to participate in “The Writing Life” interview series.


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