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German language editions

Like many writers I check on the rankings of my books. Mostly this is an ego-driven, time wasting exercise, taking away from the more task at hand: writing. The rankings are never stable. Like the mirror of life, they seem to have more in common with matter at the quantum level.

If I stand on the fence to crow this morning, it is to pass along that the German edition of Cold Hit, retitled Nana Plaza (by my German language publisher) is ranked at 8,374. This ranking will no doubt follow my stock portfolio and fall off the cliff by the end of the day. At the moment, here’s the scoop:

+ Broschiert: 313 Seiten + Verlag: Unionsverlag; Auflage: 2., Aufl. (Mai 2001) + Sprache: Deutsch + ISBN: 3293202047 + Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung: basierend auf 6 Rezensionen. (Schreiben Sie eine Rezension!) + Verkaufsrang: #8,374 in Bücher

The German edition of Spirit House which is titled Haus der Geister is doing even better:

+ Broschiert: 313 Seiten + Verlag: Unionsverlag (März 2000) + Sprache: Deutsch + ISBN: 3293201687 + Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung: basierend auf 7 Rezensionen. (Schreiben Sie eine Rezension!) + Verkaufsrang: #4,751 in Bücher

The last piece of German publishing news is that Haus der Geister is now available in an audio version. Delta Music has produced 4 CDs for the German market. The ranking is not so impressive, coming in at 171,670. Hopefully for the CD producer this will change for the better.

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