• Christopher G. Moore


One of the moments of satisfaction for a writer is to hold a newly published book in his hands. Today my French translator, Pierre Richards, was in Bangkok to deliver a copy of Zero Heure A Phnom Penh (2006) Editions Pratiko 425 pages, CND23.70.

The French edition of Zero Heure A Phnom Penh goes on sale 8 February 2006.

Pierre Richards interviewed me for the CBC and Global TV. I answered questions about the changes in Bangkok and Phnom Penh over the last twenty years as well as giving background to the creation of the Vincent Calvino series. I arrived in Thailand before globalization firmly took hold and had a glimpse at the last of a group of expats that traces their roots back to Conrad. The values and attitudes have shifted. Conrad Black comes closer to representing the interest and priorities of the elites than Joseph Conrad.

The other piece of good news is that my French language publisher in Quebec, Polar Press, plans a TV media campaign. With some coaching I was able to deliver a few lines in French for the TV commercial.

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