• Christopher G. Moore

First Editions and Rare Books about Asia

I collect first editions. Not in a large, commercial way. But I have several first editions of Graham Greene’s novels, including a signed copy of an The End of An Affair. I have first editions of Timothy Mo’s novels, and Barry Eisler’s Killing Rain, and Stephen Leather’s Cold Kill.

There is a bookstore in Bangkok that specializes in rare books. Bangkok Rare Books This can be an expensive hobby. A first edition of Knox, Thomas W. Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Siam and Java is on offer for US$750. On the other hand, a first edition of Maugham, W. Somerset’s Catalina will set you back only US$60. And a first edition of Kipling, Rudyard’s Soldier Tales is offered for US$175.

There is also an interesting article of the history of paper. The Chinese invented paper but it was the Arabs who made paper a commercial venture for books.

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