• Christopher G. Moore

Finding Dr. Fu Manchu

Mark Schreiber who writes from the Japan Times, among other publications, has written a Foot Note on the Yellow Peril. In this profile of author Clay Van Ash, an Englishman, living in Japan, with two Fu Manchu novels to his credit, and as a 17 year old had interviewed Sax Rohmer, the successful author of the Fu Manchu stories from the 1930s. Over the years Hollywood produced Fu Manchu movies starring the likes of Warner Oland, Boris Karloff, Henry Brandon, Christopher Lee, and Peter Sellers (in a comedy version).

“Few writers of fiction have ever actually seen their most famous character, let alone under such exotic circumstances. Yet for Sax Rohmer, the pseudonym of Arthur Henry 'Sarsfield' Ward, this hair-raising glimpse of an obscure Chinese—shall we say, businessman?—was to inspire the creation of one of the most enduring characters in popular English literature: The Yellow Peril incarnate, Dr. Fu Manchu.”

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