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Fifth Draft: Friday night in Bangkok

Friday 13th October 2006, the fifth draft of The Risk of Infidelity Index scrolled down to the last page. Finished. In my heart of hearts, after so many novels, I know it isn’t finished. Not yet. Some writers who feverishly pours over the text, looking for one more last thing, find themselves on an eternal loop. This is the draft that will go off to copy edit next week. When it comes back and I can see the equivalent of machine-gun target pulled from the back of shooting range where all of the holes can be examined; hopefully most clustered around the center.

There is a slight letdown with a final draft. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Having lived with the story and characters for so long you know that you are going to miss them. You know that you have to move on; that the characters and story, if they move on, do so inside your head.

The experience in Florence brought a new element to Calvino’s family history. One question that I have been searching for since the beginning is a good personal motive for Calvino’s coming to Thailand and staying here. I had to go to Florence and the Pitti Palace to find the reason. Because it was in that place that Italy and Thailand share a canvas quite unlike any painting I’ve ever seen.

A publisher in the States is talking to me about bringing out all of the Vincent Calvino novels in the USA. He would start with The Risk of Infidelity Index. As this progresses to completion, I will post the details. It is time not only that Calvino’s reason for being in Thailand is explored; it is time for Vinny to take his story back to New York.

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