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On Wednesday 26th March 2008, at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand (FCCT), I will be on a panel with Dean Barrett, Stephen Leather, and Colin Cotterill. The talk is “Writing for a Niche Market or a Wider World?” The panel will discuss the present sate and future state of expatriate fiction in this part of the world. The talk starts at 8.00 p.m.

If you are in Bangkok, please come along. I’ve employed a forensic expert to assist in finding the person at the FCCT who can tell me whether my books can be sold at the event. He says this is a difficult assignment. Hopefully before the event, an answer will be forthcoming.

Today 19th March 2008 the Nation newspaper in its new free Daily Xpress tabloid ran an article about the FCCT event, which included the photograph below.

I suspect that a future panel at the FCCT might invite forensic experts specializing in journalism to assist local editors in their search for photographs of people they write about. In this particular case, I have little objection. I don’t believe I ever looked that young, handsome or thin. And a beard, hmmm, I’ve never worn one. Never mind, as they say in Thailand. If only I had the green eyes. There’s always next life.

I have 20 published novels (not 17). Number 21 comes out the end of 2008. But let’s call that a rounding off error. It is the photo that has caused me to receive an undue number of emails today. Including one from a friend at the Nation suggesting this was a photograph of me taken in 1972. I am googling “gall” to see if I can come up with an image to send him. One possibility is the photograph of gall featured below. The other meaning of gall is “To fret; to vex; as, to be galled by sarcasm.”

If you were to google “Christopher Moore” and then clicked onto images, the first image you would find is the one above (why go beyond number 1? It must be him.). My own two-minute investigation revealed that this is a photograph of the American author Christopher Moore who, among other titles, is the author of You Suck: A Love Story. The photo was taken in the city of San Francisco. I presume it is copyrighted. But never mind.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of my novels knows they are published under the name of Christopher G. Moore. And for a very good reason. Leave out the “G” can lead to one of about 15,000 plus other persons with the name Christopher Moore who live in North America. I’d like to think less than half that number have the middle initial “G.”

Here is a sampling from Google Images of other people named Christopher Moore that the Nation might wish to choose from in the future. Perhaps they might start a contest.

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