• Christopher G. Moore

Diaspora of North American authors

A casual glance at the literary chatter found on an endless universe of literary blogs yields many authors from North America who have found their literary muse abroad. Olen Steinhauer who grew up in Virginia lives and writes thrillers in Budapest. His novels “chronicle the exploits of members of the People's Militia in an unnamed Eastern European country during the 50-year length of the Cold War. He writes from an expatriate’s point of view. Olen is another author who is on the outside of a foreign culture looking in, and trying through his fiction to make sense of his adopted language, history and culture.

Thomas E. Kennedy who left the USA for Europe in 1974 has won multiple literary awards and has published 13 novels since leaving America. For many years he’s been living in Denmark. In an interview with Frank magazine (a publication devoted to authors living in the larger world), Kennedy talks in an interview discusses the difference between the written word and film.

“I know people who’ve gone through years of options finally to have the movie made--and maybe the movie is even good, like Gordon Weaver’s Count a Lonely Cadence filmed as Cadence by Martin Sheen--but in some way or another they get railed out of the project, end up with a small handful of dollars and nothing much else because the thing is not released in theaters, but as a video with some unsatisfactory and unrecognizable title--they did that to Carolyn Chute when they filmed her The Beans of Egypt, Maine, a fine novel and a fine and faithful film, too, but the video people gave it the goddamned title of Forbidden Desires, to try to play up on the incest implications.”

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