• Christopher G. Moore

Death sentences handed down in Michael Wansely murder case

The murder of Michael Wansely occurred in 2005. The guilty verdict was handed down in 2006 and has been getting a lot of press. In another murder farang case, a verdict of murder was handed down in the Michael Wansely case.

He was 58 years old at the time of his death he was on his way to audit the sugar mill. He found $150 Million fraud. Testimony heard by the court said, the hit man was paid $1000 to kill Wansley. It was big news at the time and a shocking case of a contract hit put out by business interest. This happened shortly after the economic meltdown in Thailand. The trial dragged on for years. The theory was Wansely was murdered because he had uncovered that the sugar mill owners had cooked the books. Two of the accused were sentenced to death. A third was sentenced to life imprisonment. The actual hitman is still on the loose. And the sugar mill owner was acquitted for insufficient evidence.

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