• Christopher G. Moore


Over the weekend, I heard that plans were underway to make a film based on Richard Calder’s 1992 Science fiction novel titled Dead Girls. The north of Thailand is the location for most of the action. Dead Girls is the first novel in a trilogy titled: Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things. I haven’t read the two later novels in the trilogy. But I recall in the mid-1990s reading and enjoying Dead Girls, a novel set in the year 2072 where genetically engineered beings, plagues, and betrayal haunt the landscape. Calder lived in Thailand between 1990 and 1997 and currently lives in London. I enjoyed Calder’s Dead Girls and would recommend it. However, glancing through the amazon reviewers you can see that this is a writer polarize readers. You will either love or hate this novel. The reviewers suggests there is no middle ground. Any writer who can cause this reaction is worth checking out. Calder’s prose and plots require concentration as we weaves a future world of Thailand that is terrifying and surreal. I hope that the film based on Dead Girls is made.

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