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Day in the Life: Bangkok

In between writing novels falls a lot of rain, hail and sleet. And that is something given the temperature in Thailand rarely drops below 20C. I spent time with the crew of Do You Believe in Love, a documentary about – you guessed it – love, interviewing an expat couple (French) about the meaning of love in 2007. Tomorrow is another interview with a German woman who had been married to a Thai. I will be finding out what goes on when love comes to an end in Thailand.

Also I put the wraps on a draft of a non-fiction project. The first draft is done. I use the term “done” with extreme caution has a first draft is hardly a finished book. It is the start along the path of a finished books. The path includes three more drafts (and numerous mini-drafts within each major rewrite. Then come outside reader comments and copyeditors and proof readers. It is a miracle at a book is ever produced.

On April 28th I will go to Chiang Mai and give a talk about the Risk of Infidelity Index, and need to get hotel and plane bookings. Then there is a wedding of a friend in Penang in mid-April to attend. I must get that trip booked as well.

The international press appears to run almost daily accounts of how foreigners and foreign-based businesses are feeling less loved and wanted. The Financial Times has run a piece under the heading: The sun sets on a golden era for foreign workers. Here’s a couple of quotes from the article:

“While the rest of Asia seems to be moving faster and faster, Thailand wants to wrap itself up against foreigners. Do you think an ambitious executive now thinks that a few years in Thailand will brighten up their resumé, or will they go to China or Vietnam?” says Anthony Ainsworth of headhunters Richard Glynn.


“This is the worst time for foreigners in recent memory. Thais have every right to turn away ruffians, but the people in charge now don’t seem to understand that without foreign knowhow this country is going to have a very hard time,” says the bank chief.

Meanwhile, Calvino continues to kickback and wait for a new case to come through the door.

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