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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

A good cover attracts people to a book. Cover art has a new life in the digital world where so much of the cutting edge in publishing is happening.

Ebooks are greatest game changer in publishing to have happened in the past several years. Physical bookstores are slowly being replaced in the digital world of booksellers. These books are made from paper. They are electronic. They are called ebooks. By now most people will have heard about Kindle, iphone, ipad, Nook, Sony and other readers that allow readers to download books and read them from a computer or smart phone. Millions of people have bought one of these devices and have downloaded books on them. Kindle is the clear winning horse so far in this race.

The new technology is important for authors who live and write far outside the commute distance to New York or London. I write and live in Bangkok. My long time publisher in Thailand, Heaven Lake Press must deal with shipping costs when selling physical books to other countries. The cost and delays inevitable through international shipping makes it more difficult to bring in new readers. Not to mention that tourist who have been a major market for my books are an extinct species in Thailand after the events over the last week or so.

Ebooks are a way to reach readers who would otherwise not come across my books. And who may never find themselves in Thailand.

Because of contractual reasons, four books in the Vincent Calvino series are handled out of New York. The other books in the Calvino series remain not available on kindle at all as they are also caught up in the contracts. Later this year, that situation should change. Thai-based publisher Heaven Lake Press has converted my non-Calvino books into ebooks. HLP has been doing a great job getting my books listed for sale on amazon and other digital bookstores.

The word, however, needs to get out. That’s where you come in. Tell a friend about the books next time someone mentions that they’ve bought a Kindle or Sony reader.

In traditional publishing, once a book cover was locked in that was pretty much it. That was the only cover you would ever see for that edition of the book. Covers are expensive to produce. They require talent and money and time to do right.

Heaven Lake Press has been coming up with new covers for the literary/commercial novels. An example is the kindle cover for A Bewitching Smile:

Price: $6.99

Amazon Kindle : A Bewitching Smile

I like the cover and would invite you to drop me an email and tell me your thoughts about the new cover for A Bewitching Smile as well as your experience with ebooks. Do you like them? Do you buy them? Is it a different kind of reading experience? Does the lower price for an email (not to mention the instant delivery) appeal to you?

Other ebooks:

Price: $5.99

Amazon Kindle : God of Darkness

Price: $2.99

Amazon Kindle : Tokyo Joe

Price: $5.99

Amazon Kindle: Gambling on Magic

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