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Class Warfare and 2008

There is a gurgling sound coming from below. This is the sound of discontent being registered about the power and influence of the rich in America. The way things are shaping up, it is a good bet that wealth accumulation, tax ceilings, inheritance tax, health care as well as education are all taking aim at the society of super-rich. Wedged between the indictments that the rich have harmed America by the corruption of resources and marketplaces, Mark Blim writes in his article titled Below the Fold: A World without the Rich:

“Second, the rich corrupt the major institutions of American society. It bears repeating that the rich don’t get rich or stay rich simply by making better widgets and saving the profits from their corporate endeavors. They make legislatures dysfunctional, regulatory authorities their watchdogs, and professions their poodles. They corrupt presidents. They even corrupt each other, as corporate heads are bribed with board positions and in turn protect the interests of the company that bribed them.”

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