• Christopher G. Moore

Chiang Mai Expat Club

On Saturday 26th April I spoke before about 100 members of the Chiang Mai Expat Club. I talked about the history of how Vincent Calvino was created. This took me back to the mid-1980s when I lived in New York City and had the chance to ride with NYPD as a civilian observer. The late night shifts in Brookyln and Harlem laid the foundation for Calvino's world. Setting a private eye series in Southeast Asia with a New York lead character was another subject of conversation. I believed in 1990 when I started writing Spirit House, that the fundamental qualities of a private eye required a sharp eye for dealing with social injustice, abuse of power, corrupt politicians, and influential mafia figures. It is always the small guy without influence that is trapped in such a web and the reader turns the pages to find out how such a person fights overwhelmning odds.

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