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Calvino 9: First Draft finished

Getting away from Bangkok is the only way I can finish a draft of a book. This time it was on Koh Chang Island in the South of Thailand. I took along my laptop and set up office in my hotel room. Bhumiyama Resort to be precise. This is a hotel that I can recommend (at least during the week before the big wave from Bangkok arrives on the weekend). Fully booked I found their power generators couldn’t keep up with all the air-conditioners running full blast. The last night the power cut out four times.

While on Koh Chang, I finished the first draft of the 9th Calvino on 9 June 2006. My maid is buying lotto tickets with the number 696. Ever since I won a small lotto prize after I bought at ticket at Erawan Shrine, the maid thinks I have good luck. When a German documentary film crew was in town filming me at various locations, including Erawan Shrine, they had the cameras rolling as I bought what would prove to be a winning ticket. The documentary has yet to air in Germany so perhaps my luck was all used up with the lotto win.

The first draft of a novel is always the crucial one for me as the structure and character development is laid down. But a first draft is not a ‘book’. Gambling on Magic. went through six drafts before it was published. Most of the Calvino novels go through at least three drafts, and within the second and third drafts there are a fair number of rewrites as well.

The first draft has 23 chapters. I am targeting mid-July for completion of the second draft.

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