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Four of the Vincent Calvino series: Spirit House, Asia Hand, The Risk of Infidelity Index and Paying Back Jack are widely available in the United States, Britain and the Commonwealth. That would also include the second-hand market, too. You won’t have to search high and low in your city to find a copy published by Grove/Atlantic.

The problem readers have is finding other titles in the Vincent Calvino series or anyone of my 10 standalone novels. That means English language editions for 17 of my novels, outside of Thailand, are not available through bookstores. Online vendors, seeing an opportunity, often quote staggering prices of up to $483.00 for a copy of A Bewitching Smile. A fair number of the backlist of my books are on offer for over $100.

My Thai publisher sells online my books for less than the Thai retail price found in any bookshop in Bangkok. Have a look at my publisher’s website.

The fly in the ointment—there’s always one—is the cost of international shipping.

Getting the books shipped to readers across the world at an affordable price has been a challenge as there is a high shipping cost. The publisher passes 70% of that cost to the buyer and absorbs the other 30%. The actual shipping costs include the cost to register the shipment. That cost isn’t cheap.

My publisher in Thailand has come up with a way to further reduce shipping cost and pass along that saving to readers. Also there is an incentive to buy more than one book, including a free copy of a signed first UK edition of Asia Hand (while the quantity last) by ordering 5 or 10 copies of any of my titles.

After you finish reading one of my books, you can put it on ebay and pay for the next half-dozen books.

I hope that you’ll give one of these new plans a try.

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