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Breathing Water by Timothy Hallinan

Timothy Hallinan has a great series set in Thailand. The hero is an American journalist named Poke Rafferty. Breathing Water is the latest novel in his series. It is released today.

Here’s a taste of the story:

“For American ex-pat writer Poke Rafferty, a late-night poker game delivers an unexpected prize: an "opportunity" to write the biography of Khun Pan, a flamboyant, vulgar, self-made billionaire with a criminal past and far-reaching political ambitions. The win seems like a stroke of luck, but as with so many things in vibrant, seductive, contradictory Bangkok—a city of innocence and evil, power and poverty—the allure of appearances masks something much darker. Within a few hours of folding his cards, Rafferty, his wife, Rose, beloved ­adopted daughter, Miaow, and best friend, Arthit, an honest Bangkok cop, have become pawns in a political struggle among some of Thailand's richest, most powerful, and most ruthless people.”

Breathing Water has picked up impressive advance reviews as well.

"Humor and horror expertly play off one another in a rapid-fire story of political intrigue and murder. The plot is skillfully tangled and the sense of menace refreshingly relentless. Top form writing set in Bangkok, a great place for action and a backdrop Hallinan uses to superb advantage." (James Church, author of A Corpse in the Koryo )

"Another masterpiece of contemporary crime fiction. Hallinan takes us on a thrilling Tuk Tuk ride into a city seemingly always on the verge of chaos that somehow always manages to hold together-if you like tautly plotted, intelligent crime fiction do yourself a favor and jump on board." (Adrian McKinty, author of Dead I Well May Be and Fifty Grand)

If you haven’t read Tim’s books before, you are missing something special. Breathing Water is a great introduction to his series.

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