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Booking a Seat on the Space Shuttle

Many of us have that dream of riding the space shuttle above the earth and looking down at the blue planet. To see the world as a whole spinning through space, and to appreciate how small, fragile and beautiful it is. To find the language to convey those images would challenge anyone. To find the language to talk about the next best thing for a writer – the big publishing deal – is also difficult. I still have that same unreal experience thinking about Calvino being delivered to a much larger world.

The United States and Great Britain

The dream of every writer is to be published by one of the top publishers in New York. Anyone involved in publishing knows that the odds are long for such a publishing deal. There are many interconnected factors, including timing, the perceived market, the quality of the writing, the genre of the book, the track record of the author, and so on. Then one day it happens to you. Out of the blue a substantial offer comes from your literary agent. And if that isn’t a writer’s dream come true, it is time to roll over and stop dreaming.

It is now official. Grove Press has bought 4-books in the Vincent Calvino series. The publishing schedule is for a hardback edition of The Risk of Infidelity Index and a trade paperback edition of Spirit House to be released in January 2008. Atlantic Press in London will also publish an English edition of both titles in January 2008. In 2009, two more Calvino novels will be published.

Calvino Number 10 (no working title yet) will be published as a hardback edition in January 2009 along with another Calvino title from the existing back listed. No decision has been made as to whether the back list title will be Cold Hit or Pattaya 24/7. Grove Press has made a major financial commitment to the series and the publisher has what all writers wish for: a huge passion for the books and a long-track successful record in publishing fiction for the international market.

In other rights news, I have had news about Thai and Turkish editions of my novels.


Siam Inter Multimedia will release Thai editions of Pattaya 24/7 (June 2007) and A Killing Smile (July 2007).


Turkish rights have been sold for 4 books to EYAYINLARI. The Istanbul based publisher will translate and publish: A Killing Smile, The Risk of Infidelity Index, Cold Hit, and A Haunting Smile. A Killing Smile will appear in Turkish in December 2007. The Risk of Infidelity Index is scheduled for 31st July 2008. Cold Hit is scheduled for 31st December 2008. And A Haunting Smile is scheduled for 31st May 2009.

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