• Christopher G. Moore

Book on Lan Na History and Culture

One feature of Thai history are the smaller kingdoms that pre-date the formation of what is now known as Thailand. The Northern region also known as Lanna has a distinctive language, culture, food and the local royal system of tribal chiefs. While the local tribal chiefs are now part of history, the language, culture and food continue to survive.

For 200 years this region was under the control of the Burmese. Now there is a book translated from Thai into English that explains this rich history. This is the first book on this subject in 100 years.

The History of Lan Na, by Sarasawadee Ongsakul, translated by Chitraporn Tranratanakul (2006) published by Silkworm Books.

The author and translator are members of Department of History, Faculty of Humanities of Chiang Mai University.

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