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Blogging from Asia

Chris Mitchell at Splinters provides the right kind of encouragement:

“Bangkok-based author Christopher G. Moore, who I interviewed a few months ago, has been writing a great author blog on his website for the last few months. It's a perfect example of how an author should be publicising their work by writing more around it, finding new angles to approach their favourite topics. Recent posts include authenticity in films and books and our collective memory of books. Great stuff.”

Also on the Splinters website you will also find in depth profiles of many well-known authors such as Will Self, J.G. Ballard, Alex Garland, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Coupland, William Gibson, and P.J. O’Rourke.

At Sticky Rice, Henry has written a long profile about my books. Henry says, “He is responsible for various bestsellers and cult classics such as ‘His Lordship's Arsenal’ which gained critical acclaim in 1985 and was the very first book he had written, the highly popular "Vincent Calvino Private Eye" series, most recently, the novel ‘Gambling on Magic’”.

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