• Christopher G. Moore

Beware the Oriental Fantasy

The Thai based murder of Toby Charnaud has received considerable attention in the British press.

Under the headline Beware Oriental Fantasy, The Telegraph sends a warning:

“Many Western men take inordinate gambles with young South-East Asian women, the kind of gambles they would never consider at home. Why? Obviously, there is a physical attraction. For many Western men, the slender, petite, ever-youthful figures of Eastern women can be seriously alluring. Then there is a cultural aspect: Thai women have a grace, a femininity and a deferential sexiness that many women in the West appear to have forsaken.”

The Telegraph continues with a long narrative who fell in love in a bar girl in Phuket and after DNA testing discovered the child she claimed was his actually was not his child.

The saga about the murder of 41 year old Toby Charnaud, a rich Witshire farmer by his Thai wife’s family, continues to play in the UK press. The Sun has carried a story that the murder was done in front of the couple’s five year old child. The report says, “In [Thai] court, Pannada [Toby’s ex-wife] denied murder and changed her story, claiming she returned from a market to find Toby dead. She faces death by injection if found guilty.”

The BBC reports: “The mother of a former Wiltshire farmer found dead in Thailand has said he was killed to pay off his Thai ex-wife's gambling debts.”

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