• Christopher G. Moore

Barry Eisler, Inside Out


I place a lot of stock in authenticity when it comes to fiction. The best novels are written by authors who aren’t only talented writers but draw upon first hand experience, bringing to the reader insight into matters that are largely hidden from the general public.

Barry Eisler is such an author. He’s a former CIA agent who has become a best selling novelist. Inside Out, is his most recent novel. It will be released on Tuesday 29th June 2010. It is the kind of book that only someone with Eisler’s background could write. And it is a book that should be read not only as a first-rate thriller but a testimony from an author who has seen inside the cage and understand the nature of violence that goes on inside.

The basic story is the theft of 92 tapes showing CIA torture sessions. The tapes have recorded the kind of explosive images that would punch a huge hole through American creditability and accountability. A jailed black operations agent is offered freedom if he agrees to find and return the lost tapes to the CIA. But he’s not alone in the quest. It is this competition that keeps the reader turning the pages.

Eisler balances a high wire act of the covert operation with the consummate skill of a true pro who knows what the inside looks like. You enter into the world of black op soldiers, agents, handlers, hustlers, and officials who live and work inside that murky world. Inside Out, also is one of the best descriptions of modern day torture chambers and those who work inside them.

In an era where torture is justified in terms of larger political goals, Barry Eisler’s thriller raises many of the unsettling issues that surround torture, its victims, and the political systems that use it. Inside Out will have you questioning the nature of violence, how it is used, abused and justified.

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