• Christopher G. Moore

Bangkok Year End Wrap

10 resolutions for the New Year 2008.

1. Finish the second draft of Calvino #10 by the end of January. 2. Spend more time with the family. 3. Travel more, including a North American trip. 4. Read more from science to crime fiction. 5. Take time to help friends in need. 6. Assist in promoting the books in North America and England. 7. Remember that everyone has a choice: you can turn response with laughter or anger to the insanity of life. 8. Spend less time on the Internet. 9. Never miss a workout at the health club. 10. Stay curious, focused and discis plined.

More photographs from Pushkar, Rajastan, India.


Girl singer in Pushkar

Pushkar travel agent

Holy man visiting a shrine

Braham Priest Blessing the faithful

Joome, my camel, taking a rest in the Rajastan desert

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