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Bangkok update: Film news and New York Times Review

The last week has been a busy one. Two interviews done for Italian journalists who are great supports of crime fiction. And another interview with a German journalist who was in town, and I was able to show him a few of the haunts frequented by Calvino in the novels. A bad case of food poisoning slowed me down on Friday. It is one of those strikes to the system that you fear at first that you will die and 12-hours later wish to die. It was traced back to lettuce in a salad on a restaurant that shall go nameless.

There was been a deal for the movie rights to the Calvino series. The deal is with Keanu Reeves production team and a financier named Steve Samuels (who financed Michael Clayton and In The Valley of Elah. An advance party has arrived in Bangkok and I’ve been showing them around locations from Spirit House and The Risk of Infidelity Index. If everything lines up right (and in Hollywood any project is like a balloon an inch away from a candle flame) then Keanu Reeves would star as Vincent Calvino. All fingers crossed.

Chris Beckingham, who lives in England, has started a Facebook Group called: Christopher G. Moore – ‘The Hemingway of Bangkok’ You can find the page at You can log in and join the group. It will include lots of new information about my books and travels.

One review that most authors wish to receive is in The New York Times. On Sunday 27th 2008, The New York Times Book Review, Marilyn Stasio said in her review of The Risk of Infidelity Index: “Moore’s flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions of [Bangkok’s] vertiginous landscape.” At the same time the reviewer thought that I had been “mean spirited” in the treatment of the expat wives in RISK. There is no question that a review in The New Times has an immediate impact. The ranking on had been over #200,000 before the review, and at one point this morning ranked #1,867.

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