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Bangkok Book News

Stephen Leather’s Private Dancer now has 11,000 copies in print. Originally offered as a free down load on Stephen’s website, the print edition has attracted lots of local readers. Private Dancer is a noir story of betrayal set in Bangkok’s nightlife venues. Set in 1996, the Year of the Rat, Pete falls in love with a pole dancer and finds himself in a world he’s ill-equipped to understand. Stephen Leather is an internationally acclaimed writer of thrillers. Private Dancer is a highly recommended introduction to the hall of mirrors that awaits most farang after they fall in love with a go-go dancer.

Jake Needham’s The Ambassador’s Wife, set in Singapore introduces Inspector Samuel Tay. The inspector is a twenty-year veteran of the police force and in this first case he’s searching for the killer of a mystery woman found dead in a five-star hotel. Another murder occurs in Bangkok. This time the victim is the wife of the American Ambassador to Thailand. It turns out the dead woman in Singapore is the wife of the American Ambassador to Singapore. The FBI comes into the case. The release date is 27 March 2006. Published by Prime Crime Press, Hong Kong, ISBN 974-93750-8-4 UK export edition, full-sized with paper covers 396 pages, £10.99

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