• Christopher G. Moore

Authors Who Learned To Fight At School

And somehow emerged with enough education to write a book. On who is listed as a yoga instructor has put together a list of authors with names that make a reader think, “What were mommy and daddy thinking?”

Here’s a sample of author names to raise next time you are at a swank dinner party, and the person next to you has been going on about the merits of the latest novel by Martin Amis. “But have you read the latest books by [fill in the blank with one of the names below]? No? Well Martin Amis can’t hold a candle next to Martin Wank.”

Excuse me? Martin….who?


Jonathan Gash Metin Kunt Kim Twatt Martin Wank Gerald Bastard Yvon Tosser Aleksandar Jerkov

Acknowledgement to Palimpsest

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