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Asia Crime Fiction in the news

Manchester based novelist Michael Walters has written two crime novels set in Mongolia. Walters is a management consultant by trade. I would expect he would have an interesting angle on business deals in Mongolia. The English editions are available on, and the American edition of the first book will be released by Berkly Books in 2008. Meanwhile English edition of The Shadow Walker released in May 2007 by Quercus is available on

The Shadow Walker, a British geologist turns up in a Mongolia minus his head. The hero is a police officer named Negrui. And the first two books have drawn praise for the description of Mongolia, the culture, the people, and the legal system. Negrui partners with an English police inspector and they track the bad guys through the Gobi desert.

The Adversary, the second in the series is a crime/suspense thriller with the set up being an influential businessman buys his way out of a prosecution with some fake evidence. That sounds familiar enough. And the cop and judge who tried to nail the warlord has no sense of humor, and does everything in his power to plot his revenge.

A tip of the cap to Peter Rozovsky at Detectives Beyond Borders: A Forum for International Crime Fiction for bringing this author to my attention.

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