• Christopher G. Moore

American filmmaker: Ronald Tavel

Bangkok has a large expat population. No one can hope to know everyone living here. Sometimes people slip through the cracks that you wished you’d had sat down for a couple of hour conversation. Only you find out about them too late. A case in point is playwright and filmmaker Ronald Tavel. He died a few days ago on a flight from Berlin to Bangkok. Apparently he’d been a resident in Thailand for a dozen years.

This is from the New York Times:

“Ronald Tavel, a playwright and screenwriter who brought a bawdy sense of the outrageous to some of Andy Warhol’s early films and helped mold the Off Off Broadway avant-garde theater movement in the 1960s and ’70s, died Monday on a flight from Berlin to Bangkok. He was 72 and had lived in Bangkok for the past 12 years.”


It’s a wake up call. Make that extra effort to get out and meet interesting people where you live. Because they won’t be around forever. And of course neither do you.

Here’s a list of Tavel’s films with Andy Warhol.


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