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About Book Titles

Over the years, some of original titles in the English edition have changed. The reprinted English editions with different titles from the original include:

Cut Out = Zero Hour in Phnom Penh Enemies of Memory = Tokyo Joe Saint Anne = Red Sky Falling

Non-English editions also can cause confusion. Like most writers, I have no control over the decision of a foreign language publisher to change the original English title. Most of the time, that wouldn't matter, as the new title is in a foreign language. But sometimes the foreign publisher uses a different English language title on the foreign language edition to broaden the international image of the book.

Here are some examples. The original English language title is on the left, and the new English title of the foreign language edition on the right.

Cold Hit = Nana Plaza (German) Spirit House = Kick Boxing in Nirvana (Spanish) Spirit House = Bangkok Blues (Norwegian)

Please note also that the foreign editions of the books often have different titles. Among those that cause frequent confusion is the German edition, namely Nana Plaza (translation of Cold Hit). A Spanish edition to be released in July 2008 of Spirit House will be retitled by the Spanish publisher as Kick Boxing in Nirvana, and the Norwegian edition Spirit House is retitled Bangkok Blues.

When you buy a book, it is a good idea to double check the publisher's page. That page will have information as to whether there was previous title that is different from the one on the cover.

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