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Pundits have for the past year danced around those shoveling dirt onto the grave of traditional publishers. Not that publishers will vanish into the hole any time soon. But the emergence of ebooks seems ready to drive the mass of readers to electronic readers.

God of Darkness is the ebook you’ve been waiting for. You have the chance to read one of my standalone novels on a different format.

God of Darkness is available as an ebooks that can be downloaded to a variety of readers.

Can I read eBooks (Mobipocket) on my PDA or on my phone ?

Mobipocket eBooks can be read on a Windows PC, Windows Mobile, Palm Os, Symbian, Blackberry, Pocket-PC, Cybook, Iliad...

What about the software? Here is the link for MobiPocket Reader software. It's free for all readers but each devices need diffrent software.

Ebooks have several advantages.

Cost: Much cheaper

Availability: worldwide at your fingertips

Speed of delivery: Now

God of Darkness is not widely available outside of Thailand. If you want to buy God of Darkness, your choices are limited:

(1) get a copy on your next trip to Thailand;

(2) order through my website;

(3) pick up a second hand copy in the collectors’ market. Secondary market for: Christopher G. Moore God of Darkness. Used [Publisher: Heaven Lake Press] [Bookseller:]. Buy From: $ 62, $ 79, - $ 100, At one point there was a copy on sale for $2,400.00!

As for speed, ebooks win hands down. There is no waiting a couple of weeks for delivery via the post. Best of all you avoid paying shipping and handling charges. Mailing a book from Thailand cost almost $14.00. With an ebook, you have it instantly and it cost $6.99. That’s half of the shipping cost. Add on the cost of the physical book the total amount increases to $26.00 per book. In other words for about 26% of the cost of the physical book, you have God of Darkness on your reader for the weekend.

About God of Darkness:

Rahu, God of Darkness, has unraveled the safety nets in the City of Angels. Even the rich are in a free-fall state when the Thai economic boom goes bust in 1997. A young American, Hurley Ransom Conover, follows his Thai girlfriend to her homeland and finds himself at the center of her family’s turmoil. Hurley trips along the edges of Bangkok days and nights giving the performance of his life as the relationship with his girlfriend falls apart and her father needs him to rescue the family empire.

Given the economy once again has gone bust, God of Darkness remains as timely today as when it was first published in 1998. The foreigners caught in the economic freefall face the same problems that Hurley encountered in 1997. Welcome to the world of collapsing feudal empires.

“The stories of other writers—locals and expats—maybe likened to sketches or drawings, while those of Christopher G. Moore are paintings or murals.” –Bangkok Post

I’d appreciate if you’d tell a friend. Spread the word. God of Darkness will let others have a chance to read one of my books or if you missed this one the first time around, here’s a second chance. And ever so often technology offers up a second act. Let’s see where the play goes from here.

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