Tokyo Joe

ISBN 974-91152-8-7
Paperback 5 1/2" - 8 1/4"
2004, 322 pages


A powerful, evocative novel of international betrayal, Tokyo Joe tells a story of Major Julian Bonner, a retired US soldier, confidante of General MacArthur, zen master, and yakuza boss, who is deported after forty-two years in Japan.


The Japanese say he fixed a baseball game. Julian Bonner says the Japanese wanted to silence him, and he knows why. As a young officer in World War II, Julian Bonner has first hand knowledge about the secret activities of the 731-Corps—the hidden story of medical experiments carried out on Allied prisoners of war and Chinese civilians.


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“The best book on the 731-Corps I’ve read.”

—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post


“Moore has constructed what is becoming increasingly rare: a novel that combines meaningful ideas with deep emotion, a novel in which social, political and personal themes all intermingle . . . and it can only be hoped that the novel will achieve the international recognition it deserves.”

—The Daily Yomiuri


“Moore is also a playwright and this shines through in his fiercely dramatic prose reminiscent of Samuel Beckett’s style.”

—The Nation


“Insight into the underbellies of Japan and the USA… incredibly intriguing…a book to savour, like a good port after dinner. Most enjoyable.”—Chiang Mai Mail

Tokyo Joe